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by | Jun 8, 2023 | Posted Assignments

Compose a 1000 words essay on Entrepreneurial DNA Reading Assignment. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Various definitions have attempted to present what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs. Some relate entrepreneurial success to age, education among other factors. While these factors are essential in ensuring the success in business, they lack reliability and validity. However, Entrepreneurial DNA development types present an understandable, valid and reliable approach. As a result, BOSI represents the four types of Entrepreneurial DNA that exists among entrepreneurs. These types relate to Builder, Opportunist, Specialist as well as an innovator that form the DNA of entrepreneurship. Builders tend to possess the characteristics related to high maintenance with a keen focus on increasing the sales volume and the lowest limit that an organization may effectively operate (Abraham 2011). These individuals are like chess players in the business environment as they concentrate on achieving two or more moves ahead of other players in the business environment. Opportunists, on the other hand, attribute everything at their disposal as achievable. To the opportunist, the word the word failure only exists in the mindset of a person but not in the real world. One of the significant achievers that Abraham suggests as an opportunist is Richard Branson, who has successfully enlarged his business empire based on his instinct ability to identify a course of corporate action and react. Opportunists influence workers towards achieving milestones that under typical situations workers may fail to meet. The other type of entrepreneurs relates to specialists who engage and focus on defined set of activities and works to achieve perfection. A leading example is Bill Gates and his Microsoft Corporation, where he has focused on one thing and worked to perfect the results of the activity. Abraham recognizes these types of entrepreneurs as essential to the economy as they play a significant


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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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